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A Coupling Fanfiction Collective

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Coupling Inferno: A Coupling Fanfiction Collective
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Fanfic for BBC Coupling
This is Coupling Inferno, a collective, if you will, of fans and writers of fanfiction based on Coupling the BBC2 sitcom, starring Jack Davenport and Sarah Alexander in the leading roles.

Fanfic, icons/avatars and fanart are all welcome here.
The gorgeous community icon is made by sprkysage.

"There must be a Rule about that." Sally, Her Best Friend's Bottom.

A few Rules (but not too many):

If Coupling icons are included in a multi-fandom post, then respect members' interests, and keep the teaser Coupling (or actor) specific, and give a list of all fandoms in the post. Just in case.

When posting fanfic, please provide a short summary (a sentence or two should be enough) and a warning/rating based on the content. (If you are unsure of how to rate your fic use a film censor's guidelines - try www.ifco.ie for example)

Anything longer than a 100 word drabble should go behind a cut.
(Type < lj-cut > after the teaser and rating, and type < /lj-cut > at the end - and remember to remove the spaces)

Above all - enjoy yourselves!