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06 August 2008 @ 21:01
I bear several icons.  

If I did this wrong, I'm really sorry. (And I love you. And also, I-I'm sorry. And a-also, I love you.)

*sucks thumb and crosses fingers* (I'm still scared of posting on LJ for fear of screwing up.)

I just received the DVD boxed set (WOOOOOOOOOOOOO) so, being the bad - and I mean bad - GIMPer that I am, I pressed PrtSc and oh look, eight icons. -.- I don't know HOW to post these, so I'm taking a wild guess I post one or two as teasers and then the rest under a cut. Which I'll do right now.




Episodes used; "Naked", "The Freckle, The Key & The Couple Who Weren't", "Nightlines", "Dressed" and "Gotcha". In that order. (Not that anyone cares, but there you go. :P)

I tried photobucket'ing them and... I dunno, it went wonky. So I just put them in my ScrapBook here on LJ. I honest-to-Steve have NO idea how to post them right. So in case I post icons in the future, could... someone please lead me in the right direction? That goes for how to post and improving the overall "skill" (hah) of my icon...ing.

Someone want one? Some? In the event you do, I have no conditions on the fact I would be grateful should anyone actually use one. :P


And, yeah. Thanks. :)

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ladymajavader: ladymajavaderladymajavader on 5th October 2008 07:26 (UTC)
nice batch! The first one's my favourite, it's the perfect crop and great font. And you've posted them fine :) I think all the cool kids are using angelmaria's icon table generator, but the way you did it works all right for me too.
Beanot_nahrrington on 10th October 2008 01:53 (UTC)
Hehe me n00b.

Ahh, thanks for that! If I ever make more I'll see about that. Heh. Thanks for the feedback :D