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24 November 2007 @ 20:01
Requests? Please?  
I feel like I need to write Coupling. Unfortunately, I have no Muses, bunnies or other inspiration.

This is where you lot come in. I will answer requests, unlimited in numbers and scope (although you may have to wait a while for me to get it done) for Coupling fics and situations that you would like to see written.

I prefer Steve/Susan, as it is my OTP, but I'll do most other pairings you suggest.
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Danielle: Jack Daussiemozzie on 24th November 2007 22:26 (UTC)
Ooo, wow, this has endless possibilities- if only I could think of something. He he.

Steve shops for an engagement ring for Susan and things don't go easy for him. Perhaps a mini-rant about rings and women or something would be fun. How does that sound? He he.

And yay, I'm the first one to request. :D
classicist lass: Steve hearts Susanclassics_lover on 28th November 2007 19:09 (UTC)
Sounds good. I'll see what I can do.
Danielle: Jack Daussiemozzie on 29th November 2007 01:45 (UTC)
Ooo, goody! What a lovely Christmas present. :D
crazybitchcrazybtich on 31st December 2007 16:19 (UTC)
Got a plot...
Hey, I'm new to the whole Coupling thing, and saw this post to see if you can give my idea a bit of a whirl.

Susan meets up with an old friend *who's a guy*, Steve sees that the man is a little bit interested in her, and gets jealous. Then starts to rant about the imperfections of her old friend, or something.

Sorry if it's not a good idea, never done this sort of requesting thing before.
classicist lass: Coupling Got Luckyclassics_lover on 5th January 2008 17:48 (UTC)
Re: Got a plot...
It's a good one, very good, in fact!

I've been toying for a while with doing something along those lines, but with Patrick's friend Ivan instead of a friend *who's a guy*, and it never really took off. I can totally see Steve flying off the handle over a friend, though. :-D

It might take a while to get it written and posted, but I'll see what can be done.
dphoadley on 8th October 2009 08:28 (UTC)
Sally and Patricks Wedding -and Night
As a Prologue, I'd like to see Sally actually say yes after the 'F***ity-f***' comment in 'Nine and a Half Months', then we next see them in standing together in church. The rest of the crowd look on in envy as Sally, dressed in 'Virginal' white takes her vows next to Patrick, wearing a Top Hat and Tails (Much like is Sir Timothy personna in Lark Rise to Candleford 1st season).
However, back home after the reception, when Sally goes to put on a sexy frilly negligee, Patrick hands her a Policewoman's Uniform instead, and ask her to wear THAT to bed instead. Lot of room for comedy here I think.
classicist lass: Reservoir Couplingclassics_lover on 8th October 2009 12:41 (UTC)
Re: Sally and Patricks Wedding -and Night
I'll see what I can do.
dphoadley on 8th October 2009 15:11 (UTC)
Re: Sally and Patricks Wedding -and Night
This could be coupled with my other idea for Susan to tap into Steve's Lesbian Fantasies in order to rekindle the spark of their relationship. Thus both Sally and Susan are thrust into a role playing in order to add extra luster to the bedroom.
dphoadley on 8th October 2009 14:30 (UTC)
Steve's Lesbian Fantasies
Possibly after the Birth of their son, Susan might find that Steve is a little reluctant to start up with the sex again, so to light his fire she role plays a lesbian threesome in bed by donning a Black or red wig and pretending to be two different women at one and the same time.